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Хабарҳо - The prevention of terrorism and extremism

            Currently, millions of people throughout the world have been subject to risks and threats of wars and conflicts, terrorism and extremism have turned into an un unprecedental global threat causing tragic and long-tearm public, political and moral consequences.

One of the causes of extremism and terrorism expansion is the wide application of the latest information technologies by terrorist organizations, particularly the use of internet for promotion of extremist ideas, recruitment of new members and of new members and preparation for and management of their devastating acts.  Therefore, strengthening of International and regional cooperation, including exchange in information about the effective ways and forms of tracking these websites, excluding them from internet and providing mutual support in this area is an important criterion of success in the fight against cybercrime.

            During the recent years, more than 100 countries of the world became the target of devastating terrorist attacks, which killed hundreds of thousands of peaceful people and millions of people left their residents, places and areas in the aftermath. The economic loss caused to countries amounted to hundreds of billion dollars.

            Only in Afghanistan, last year the aftermath of terrorist attacks damaged more than 10 000 and killed more than 4000 peaceful people.  Sadly, 32% of fatalities and 53% of wounded people were women and children. It is obvious that in such a situation, countries of the world cannot succeed on countering the growing peace and security threats and challenges, and ensure peace and stability individually. Therefore, given the existing reality we need to acknowledge the enhancement of regional and global cooperation and partnership for ensuring inclusive stability and security undertaking joint initiatives on countering terrorism and extremism and elimination of political military and financial support factors, as a practical tool for release from this dangerous phenomenon.  

            The history and harrowing experience of many countries, including Tajikistan witnessed that only cooperation and joint actions will make it possible to win in the fight against evil forces and global threats.


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